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Health & Safety 

We've planned our event with the health and safety of our guests as the foremost priority. While we are not requiring guests to follow any particular protocol, below are guidelines we highly encourage. Please contact us directly if you have other suggestions or concerns. - Sig & Matt


All events will be held outside following safe distancing guidelines. We can still boogie from 6ft! 


Masks and sanitizer will be available (and encouraged!) for guests all weekend. Feel free to rock your own too 


Whether you're in-state or visiting, consider covid testing! More info and a map of testing sites below


We all want to stay safe and enjoy our time together. See below for quarantine tips :)

Quarantine Tips

Quarantine Tips 

If you are unable to get tested, we strongly recommend:

For out-of-state visitors, as well as in-state guests with high social interactions, we strongly recommend:

  • Quarantine for minimum 5 days (minimum length of time it takes for COVID to appear in a test result after exposure) 

  • Get a test after minimum 5 day quarantine

  • Quarantine until you receive negative test result

  • Quarantine/limit exposure between negative test result and time of wedding

  • Quarantine for 14 days prior (or limit exposure to essential activities with caution e.g. grocery shopping)

***See map of testing sites below***

Testing Sites

 Testing Sites 

CVS Pharmacy is administering FREE drive-thru testing with test result times between 3-7 days

CareWell Urgent Care is administering walk-in testing ($160) with test result times in 15 minutes,  as well as antibody testing. Details HERE.

South Shore Medical Center in Norwell is offering drive-thru testing, seven days a week, during their daytime hours. 

Health Express is administering COVID-19 PCR testing ($180) with results in 72 hours, as well as antibody testing. 


The COVID-19 test determines whether or not a person currently has COVID. Testing results typically take between 3-7 days for PCR test. However SARS Antigen FIA testing or 'rapid testing' show results in 15 minutes. 


Antibody tests are blood tests that can tell if you may have been previously exposed to COVID-19. The antibody test is NOT a test for COVID-19.


(See CareWell and Health Express locations.)

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